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About J.Ward

Even if you do not know about my automotive, apparel and watch design work, all you need to know is that I am notoriously focused on the details. Hell-bent on reviving and promoting traditional craft and honest luxury. As I have witnessed global “luxury” brand being perverted as they focus more on glossy marketing while delivering less and less quality, I decided there was room in the market. It was time for J.Ward.

As an extensive traveler and seeker of knowledge, I have explored the far corners of our wonderful planet to get to know many diverse cultures. I have studied leather-crafts and tailoring with some of the best masters alive. I personally have hand crafted and developed every design we now offer you. Organically refining and evolving even the smallest elements instead of rushing to market from a simple sketch. This hobby has grown into an obsession, and is the critical seed from which the J.Ward brand was born.

We hope you appreciate the care and consideration that has gone into every product we offer. We strive to return to traditional techniques fused with timeless designs inspired by craftsmen and women all over the world. We trust any J.Ward design you acquire will serve you well for decades to come!

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About J.Ward