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1937 Cord Print
Price: $37.50

The 1937 Cord is considered Gordon Buehrig's Masterpiece. The famed "Baby Duesenberg". A magically unique American car, novel in so many ways. Originally penned for a contest for car design pitched by his new employer GM, Buehrig's futuristic entry placed last, and he filed it away for future use. Everything about the car was different from anything the driving masses had seen to date. Low-slung and high-powered, running boards, door hinges and hood ornaments were done away with, and head lights and gas cap were concealed for further streamlining its body.
All in all, under about 3000 were ever made, as Cord had constant trouble scaling and funding operations in Indiana. In fact, it was only much needed money paid to Gordon by Montgomery Ward thanks to a contract to manufacture kitchen cabinets that made it's development possible. Pure magic. A testament to their quality construction and pride of ownership, about two thirds of them can still be accounted for today.

13.5” x 20” silver ink on thick stock black paper. Printed in Los Angeles on vintage press print machinery. Keeping the traditional arts alive!