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1938 Talbot Lago Print
Price: $37.50

1938 Talbot Lago T150SS by Figoni et. Falaschi is arguable one of the most beautiful car designs of all time, and one of the purest expressions of the teardrop, streamline form. Arguably one of Anthony Lago and Figoni et. Falaschi’s greatest achievements. The “C” stood for competition, a reference to the marque’s racing success, while “SS” signified “super sports,” the short 2.65-metre wheelbase version of the competition chassis. Its race-bred six-cylinder engine featured an overhead valvetrain, hemispherical combustion chambers, high compression, triple carburettors and a large-capacity oil pan. Other competition items included a punched handbrake lever and a dual braking system. Intended for sporting two- or three-place coachwork, it was also the lightest chassis and offered exceptional road holding by virtue of its advanced independent front suspension, plus excellent braking.
Racing success certainly enhanced the appeal; it was this demand, combined with Lago’s collaboration with the Figoni et Falaschi coachbuilding firm, that resulted in the creation of what many believe to be the most beautiful automobiles ever conceived.

13.5” x 20” silver ink on thick stock black paper. Printed in Los Angeles on vintage press print machinery. Keeping the traditional arts alive!