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1959 Porsche 356-A
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It’s hard to believe, but Porsche design – and the Germans in general – were able to reboot and go from thinking about Tiger tanks to sports cars in the span of just three years. In 1948, the first Porsche 356 emerged from a converted sawmill in Gmund, Austria (the Allied occupation forces were the new residents of Porsche’s Stuttgart, Germany offices).

By 1950, a much improved version of the Porsche 356 built in Zuffenhausen, Germany was being sold in America. The A series (356A) was the first refinement of the line introducing numerous refinements including a curved windshield rather than a split or bent screen. The 356A is arguably the most pure and beautiful variant of this timeless icon.

Limited edition of ten. CNC'ed 6061 Aluminum panels, graphic fused into the brushed aluminum surface via a novel combination of anodizing and silk screening crafts. 13 5/8" x 9 1/8", 1/2" thick. Delivered in a hand made Maple wood presentation box with Alcantara lining and the ICON Lizard laser etched on the top.