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ICON Trail Jacket (SOLD OUT)
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We have teamed up with our friends at Hardenco, in New Hartford, Connecticut, USA, to bring you another really unique leather jacket with a great story! This ICON/Hardenco Trail Jacket is super hearty and simple. Unlined, strong, and guaranteed to age beautifully. The jacket is hand made in Connecticut and is made with top quality materials.

The leather was originally from the Amsterdam Glove Corporation in Amsterdam, NY, established in 1934. After the business closed and its machinery sold years prior, its remaining contents - two-floors and a basement-worth of manufacturing space - were put up for auction. Hardenco eventually acquired the leather and they have been quietly hoarding it in their warehouse. When we became friends, we started to develop this jacket, as a way to celebrate this rare find.

This veg tanned leather was basically a reject lot. Expect scars, bite marks and other imperfections. Some panels will even have small, stitched leather patches, where there were holes in the hide. Medium temper, ready for adventure. As it is used, it will soften and develop a rich patina, unique to your adventures in it. If you want to expedite the aging of the grain, and softening of the hides, put in your drier set with no heat, and tumble for an hour with a bunch of tennis balls. The results are really cool! We thought about using antiqued brass hardware but decided that natural aged brass is far more honest and beautiful. So, we used solid brass hardware, and it will age in chorus with the leather. Lifetime warranty!

We will only be able to produce a very small batch of these jackets. When we run out of hides, we are done! We anticipate being able to produce a maximum of 16 jackets (depends on which sizes are ordered). Get your order in early to guarantee yours! Otherwise, we will leave orders open as we produce them. Later buyers may find that we have to cancel your order, and refund you if we run out, so do not dilly dally for long! Available in full sizes ranging from US 38-52. We will be making these in batches of four, per size. As soon as we get four orders of your ordered size, we will knock out that batch. Price is $975, plus shipping. So, depending on that variable, we estimate your jacket will be ready to ship within 12 weeks. We will advise you when we press go on your batch. Scroll through images to see size chart and all details!